Copper Leaf Financial Works with Attorneys to Offer Comprehensive Advice

Copper Leaf Financial partners with attorneys to proactively offer clients holistic financial advice. This type of alliance places clients in the best position for long-term success!

Estate Planning

We work with attorneys to ensure that estate plans are closely aligned with the client’s overall financial plans:

  • Assure assets are titled properly and beneficiary designations are made to support estate plan implementation keeping client family objectives in mind. Focus on beneficiary designations of life insurance policies and retirement accounts.
  • Provide a comprehensive listing of client’s assets and liabilities, including historical cost basis.
  • Analyze the impact of inherited IRAs on the designated beneficiaries.
  • Provide fully integrated trust administration services working closely with non-bank trustees. Includes philanthropic giving and the use of CRTs, CLT’s and Donor Advised Funds.
  • Encourage periodic review of estate documents and reminding clients to update plans with major changes in legislation or family circumstances.

Navigating Life Events

Clients navigating certain career or life events require integrated legal and financial advice. Copper Leaf Financial specializes in assisting attorneys and their clients with planning through major life changing events that include:

  • Sudden windfall or inheritance
  • Divorce
  • Business sale or other liquidity events
  • Retirement
  • Settlements and judgments

Tax Strategizing

Copper Leaf Financial combines comprehensive wealth management with careful, tax-aware financial planning to give clients the confidence of a well-coordinated, holistic approach. Our CFP® & AEP professionals coordinate tax planning issues with our associated CPA partners to deliver expert guidance while understanding the impact of tax decisions on retirement, estate planning, investment portfolios, and insurance.

Members of NAEPC, the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils.