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Navigating Your Investment Journey

Your investments are an integral part of a broader financial journey. Portfolio strategies and investment decisions can have a significant impact on your long-term success. Using an *Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach can increase the probability of a successful journey.

Creating and monitoring your investment plan is one of the most important aspects of your overall financial well-being. When building investment portfolios, our primary goal isn’t to simply produce the largest possible return, but rather to create a portfolio that gives you the highest likelihood of achieving your goals — balancing risk as well as return. To do this, we employ an Evidence-Driven investment methodology backed by more than 50 years1 of peer-reviewed financial research and market studies.

Building Your Legacy

*Design | Build | Protect®.

These three simple words serve as a guide to keep your values, needs, concerns and hopes
at the forefront of everything – from the big picture to the smallest of details.

What is Evidence-Driven Investing?

Portfolios are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Risky practices like trying to time the market, anticipate trends or identify mispriced investments may be highly unreliable ways to build wealth.

Instead, the Evidence-Driven Investing approach is fueled by data and over 50 years of research, and rooted in diversification and tax- aware investments.

Markets are highly efficient.

Billions of dollars are traded daily where buyers and sellers come together and agree on a price. Given so much competition, Evidence-Driven Investing believes the current price reflects both the latest news and the latest outlook for the investment and the economy. This approach presumes the investment’s price is the best estimate of the current value and doesn’t try to outsmart the market.

Risk and expected reward are related.

If you want the potential for more returns, you’ll need to accept more risk and likely greater fluctuations in value. Sometimes these risks pay off with more return, but sometimes they result in losses. Although adding more unique sources of risk and return can create a portfolio with steadier growth, you shouldn’t take more risk than you’re comfortable with.

Diversification is essential.

Diversification has been called the only free lunch in investing. This is because using a single stock, strategy or investment type is riskier than mixing lots of different types of investments. Holding multiple investments reduces the risk that any single investment will cause a drag on portfolio performance.

Pursue factors of returns.

Research has shown that allocating more of your portfolio to companies that share certain characteristics can increase your potential for return. Although these investments typically bring more risk, Evidence-Driven Investing portfolios are built to most efficiently allocate across multiple sources of risk — even if it means performing differently from headline indexes.

Focus on what you can control.

Don’t try to predict interest rates, anticipate the impact of government actions or outsmart other traders. Instead, focus on the areas that can be controlled — such as setting a thoughtful investment strategy and following a disciplined review process.

Harmonizing Your Life and Financial Plan

Although your portfolio is undoubtedly a key piece of your overall financial plan, it doesn’t exist in isolation. Your money powers a broader set of objectives that ultimately helps you live the life you aspire to — both today and in the future.

Through a truly comprehensive and integrated approach, Evidence-Driven Investing takes a proactive look at your whole life picture, exploring your impact, money and life goals, including financial considerations, resources and existing strategies.

Partnering with an advisor means having someone to guide you through both opportunities and challenges. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and that should be celebrated. Now, as you look to the future, you can feel more confident that an evidence-driven approach. An *Evidence-Driven approach integrates your life and financial plan: Retirement & Financial, Health Risk, Estate, Charitable, Giving, Education will help you navigate life’s inevitable transitions. This approach is called *Design | Build | Protect®.

A process of personal discovery helps to uncover what’s important to you, so that a plan can be designed and customized to balance your wants and needs. This plan serves as an ever-changing compass that will help navigate the journey ahead.

With academic research and financial science as the foundation of *Evidence-Driven Investing, build your plan with distinct objectives and attainable action items. Not a rigid, solitary plan; but a fluid, ever-evolving process to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

Life happens. Inevitably there will be a number of factors, both personal and global, that impact your plan. Protecting your plan means providing insights and education to help you focus on those areas that can be controlled.

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