Continuous Learning & Advancement

We value and support learning and encourage employees to acquire new skills and knowledge to improve their job performance and advance their careers.

At Copper Leaf Financial there are various opportunities for employees to learn and develop such as training sessions, workshops, buddy/partner systems, online learning platforms, and other educational and growth resources.

A big part of our culture is open and continuous communication. A prominent component of this system is that feedback is given regularly (both from and to staff), and there is a focus on helping employees at all levels identify areas for improvement and set goals for personal and professional growth.

It is our continuous learning work environment that encourages innovation as employees are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and approaches. All of this with the goal to help advance the Firm and the services provided to our clients.

Adaptable Capabilities & Work Environment

People are one of our most valuable assets and our investments and capabilities demonstrate this. We have committed to creating and adapting to the needs of our staff. We are a workplace that is designed to be flexible and accommodating – where employees are encouraged to work in ways that suit their individual needs and preferences.

We offer staff a wide range of physical and digital tools to support diverse working styles and activities.

We also support and encourage a culture of open communication and experimentation – A culture that encourages employees to try new things and take risks. There is a focus on continuous learning and development, and a willingness to embrace change and adapt to new situations as they arise.

We know that by empowering staff with the flexibility needed to participate in “life moments” (graduations, school functions, doctor’s appointments), it will almost always result in more satisfied and productive employees.

A snapshot of our weekly remote staff meeting

Core Values

We value our ability to be an example of resilient growth and consistent success.  Our core values have guided us for over 30 years and ensure that we are able to consistently serve our growing team of associates and clients.

We are a Firm of curious and inquisitive individuals.

We are a solution-based organization that seeks continuous improvement. As individuals and collectively as a group we have the ability to think outside of the box with the goal of creating efficiencies and solving problems all while providing value for our firm and our clients.

We are fully committed to proactively helping our clients and staff. We are invested in their success. Our clients benefit from our deep focus and thoughtful problem solving that begins with our innovative approach and continues with our commitment to ensure that the work is completed with accuracy.

We are focused on doing the right thing for our clients, staff and community.

Maia Furnari, Operations Specialist with Artie

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