Handling friendships and mixed incomes

Our friend Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, wealth psychology expert and host of the “Breaking Money Silence®” podcast, was recently included in a recent NerdWallet article “Handling friendships and mixed incomes”. The article, written by Laura McMullen, explores how our friendships might be affected by financial differences within our :new normal:

Finally, as the country reopens, you’re likely seeing more of your friends. Out with the video chatting and in with the high-fiving, hugging and, well, spending. For every dinner, there’s a check to pay; for every wedding, a gift to buy; and for every concert, a ticket to score. You may notice that you and your reunited friends handle these kinds of expenses differently. Maybe one of you sees an $80 night out as chump change, while the other feels like a chump for desperately needing that cash for rent. Here’s how to re-enter the world of socializing and spending while keeping friendships and finances intact.

To read the full article please click here: https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/finance/how-to-handle-mixed-income-friendships

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