Copper Leaf Financial’s Guide to Charitable Giving and New Fillable Worksheet are Now Available Online

Copper Leaf Financial’s workbook “Guide to Creating Your Charitable Giving Statement” was created to act as a guide for our clients. We use this guide to assist them with organizing their charitable giving efforts and creating a plan for the future – a plan that includes intentional giving and consideration of strategies that are tax advantageous. We’ve found that many of our clients are passionate and deeply generous donors, however most had taken a disorganized approach to their charitable giving efforts.

The Guide to Creating Your Charitable Giving Statement” acts as a compass for charitable giving and is designed to be a simple process with the goal of more intentional and focused giving. We recently took this a step further by creating a new fillable Charitable Giving Worksheet that can be used in conjunction with the Guide completed online. The new worksheet can be accessed by clicking here.

Charitable giving planning, or legacy planning is something that they are very passionate about at Copper Leaf Financial. Our wealthadvisors work with clients to craft their personal “Guide to Creating Your Charitable Giving Statement“. There are several steps involved in this process, and you can call our office at 802.878.2731 to schedule a strategy session and begin creating your own personal charitable giving statement.