Why You Should Protect Your Name Online

The risk of posting your name online is that it instantly gives someone the ability to discover details about you. To begin, using your name they can find your social media profiles. From there, online scammers and identity thieves can potentially find out personal information such as your birthday, the names of your family members, names of pets, favorite color, and even your phone number and email in some instances. Without intentionally doing so many people unwittingly provide scammers with all they need to potentially gain access to your investment accounts and bank accounts – and experienced thieves can do so in a matter of minutes.

As a result of these risks we strongly suggest to our clients that they protect their identity as much as possible when it comes to their online presence.

One example of this is people leaving public google reviews. At Copper Leaf Financial, it is our fiduciary duty to ensure that you understand the risk of associating your name with a business. This is just another way of finding out more details about you. If you are going to leave a review online it is imperative that you do so anonymously. It is actually very simple to change the way your name appears on Google. Click here for instructions on doing so.

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