Why Invest In Bonds?

Investors choose bonds for several reasons, including their ability to help manage risk in a portfolio, provide a predictable stream of income, and preserve capital.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Bonds are generally a less risky investment than stocks so adding them to a portfolio that contains stocks can help lower the portfolio’s overall risk.

Generate Income

Bonds typically pay a specified rate of interest on a set schedule, making them a good choice for investors who want a predictable stream of income. Individual bonds usually pay interest twice a year while bond funds usually pass along interest to investors every month. Keep in mind that the amount of interest from a bond fund will fluctuate from month to month as the fund’s holdings change.

Preserve Capital

If you hold an individual bond until maturity, you will be paid the bond’s face value, barring a default. This feature makes individual bonds attractive to investors seeking to preserve capital they invest. Bond funds, however, generally do not have a maturity date. A bond fund’s share price will fluctuate over time, and the amount you receive when you sell your shares may be higher or lower than the price you paid for them.

Tax-Exempt Income From Certain Bonds

The interest from U.S. Treasury securities and tax-exempt municipal bonds receive preferential tax treatments as long as the bonds are held in a taxable account. With U.S. Treasuries, the interest payments are exempt from state and local taxes. With tax-exempt municipal bonds, the interest payments are exempt from federal income tax and may also be exempt from state and local taxes if the bonds were issues in your state. Tax-exempt interest payments make municipal bonds especially attractive to high-income individuals who stand to benefit the most from the tax exemption.

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