10 Things to do with a Bonus

Jan 25, 2022
Before you spend your bonus or other financial windfall, take some time to consider how you might use the money so that it has a lasting impact on your life and other people's lives. Here are a few ideas.…

What did we learn about investing in 2021?

Dec 30, 2021
2020 was the year of the unprecedented, but 2021 certainly had its fair share of newsworthy events. As we entered this year, there were still many uncertainties, and it's hard to believe how different…

Tax-Wise Investment Techniques

Dec 20, 2021
In a previous blog post, we introduced some of the tools of the tax-planning trade. These include tax-sheltered accounts for saving toward retirement, healthcare, and education, as well as tax-efficient…

Important 2022 Tax Updates for Baby Boomers

Feb 01, 2022
Paying taxes is something you can’t escape; but being aware of new tax rules and revised federal deadlines can make preparing and paying your taxes a little less painful each year. Here are five major…

Senators Call for Restoring Tax Breaks for Donors Who Don’t Itemize Their Returns

Mar 29, 2022
Lawmakers in both parties called Thursday for restoring the charitable deduction for donors who don’t itemize their taxes, a priority for nonprofits nationwide, but a key senator was noncommital on the…