When You Lose a Spouse

Mar 04, 2021
Whether it is something you’ve known has been coming or is out of the blue and unexpected, losing a spouse is something very difficult to prepare for and the grief affects each of us differently. This…

10 Strategies for Business Owners to Create, Manage, and Distribute Wealth

Aug 26, 2021
The global pandemic brought on some challenges like supply chain delays, inflationary spikes in segments of the economy, and a very tight labor market and despite them your business is still successful.…

Your Master List: A Guide for Your Family, Agent, and Executor

Oct 22, 2021
If you were to become incapacitated or die tomorrow, would your spouse, agent (the person you granted power of attorney), or executor be able to easily take over your financial affairs? Would they know…

College Savings Planning Tips

Nov 30, 2021
Planning for the expense of college presents many challenges – some obvious, others not so much. The amount is typically unknown until shortly before attendance will begin (and in some cases, can change…

Declutter and Organize Your Finances

Mar 17, 2022
These easy tips can help you tidy up and organize your finances so that the next times you need a specific receipt for a warranty claim, numbers for your tax return, or other financial records, you’ll…

Five Ways to Pay for College

Jul 11, 2022
Copper Leaf Financial Wealth Advisor Breanna Sykes has published a new article on LinkedIn that includes some important college funding considerations that should be addressed sooner rather than later…