Protecting Your Finances

Apr 29, 2021
Are you ready financially for what life may throw your way? The following tips can help protect your finances and your financial security from life’s curveballs, such as job losses, health issues, identity…

Key Birthdays in Your Financial Life

Jan 03, 2022
Will you celebrate one of these birthdays this year? If so, some rules regarding your finances may change and certain financial opportunities may open up for you this year. Here are a few key ages to watch…

12 Tips to Improve and Maintain Your Financial Fitness

Feb 16, 2022
The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate how you are doing financially and to take steps to either improve your finances or protect and maintain them if they are already in great shape. The following…

Financial Therapy and a Well-Lived Life - Episode 143

Mar 15, 2022
This podcast episode is the fourth in the “A Well-Lived Life” series. As this series unfolds, you learn how culture, race, generation, and gender influence our guest’s definitions. And often the accumulation…