Which is Better – Individual Bonds or a Bond Fund?

Mar 26, 2018
Which type of bond is better? The answer to this question will depend on what you are looking for in your investment. Preservation of PrincipalIf preserving principal is high on your list of goals, individual…

Williston Vermont Event: Impact Investing

Oct 03, 2019
We are very pleased to present our first in a series of "Roundtable discussion" events this fall: "Impact Investing: Introduction to ESG, SRI, and Gender Lens Investing" Join us for an intimate discussion…

Williston Vermont Event: Smarter Charitable Giving

Oct 08, 2019
Be smarter with your charitable giving efforts this holiday season! Copper Leaf Financial is very pleased to present our second in a series of "Roundtable discussion" events this fall: Smarter Charitable…

Year-End Planning Tip: Bunch Your Charitable Gifting

Nov 20, 2019
If you normally claim the standard deduction instead of itemizing deductions, you may want to consider whether bunching the charitable contributions you would typically make over two years into one year…

Williston Vermont Event: Money Date Night

Jan 22, 2020
Build a stronger relationship with healthy financial conversations! Copper Leaf Financial is very excited to present our 3rd in a series of "Roundtable discussions" in our Williston, Vermont office. Money…

February Roundtable Event "Money Date Night" was a Success

Feb 26, 2020
The latest in the Copper Leaf Roundtable event series, "Money Date Night", did not disappoint!ICF Certified Coach and Podcast Host Lindsey Lathrop and Michael L. Thompson, CAP®, AIF® led an insightful…