Beware: Do Not Discard the Second Round of Stimulus Debit Cards

The second round of stimulus checks is on their way! Some are being issued on prepaid debit cards or EIP Cards. 

If you find a debit card in your mailbox, do not be too quick to think it is junk mail or a scam. It is very possible that what you are looking at is your second stimulus check. These cards are called Economic Impact Payment Cards or EIP cards by the IRS. The cards are issued to certain people who do not have bank information on file with the tax agency.

If you receive an EIP Card, you will likely have some questions. Following are some FAQ about the EIP Cards.

The following article by Rocky Mengle explains what EIP Cards are, how they can be used, and more.

What does the EIP Card look like?
The card will come in a white envelope that displays the U.S Department of Treasury seal and includes “Economic Impact Payment Card” in the return address. The envelope should also state it contains “important information about the Economic Impact Payment.”

The card itself will say “Visa on the front and “MetaBank” (the issuing bank) on the back.

Do I have to active my EIP Card?
Yes. You can activate the card by calling 800-240-8100. You will then have to put in the card number, the last 6-digits of your Social Security number, and the 3-digit security code on the card. You may also be asked to further validate your identity with your name, address, or other questions. If the card has more than one name on it, the first one listed is the primary cardholder and can activate it.

If I received an EIP Card for the first Stimulus check, will I receive another one?
If you received an EIP Card for the first stimulus check, it does not mean you will automatically receive an EIP Card for the second. You may receive a paper check. Also, if you received a check the first time, you may receive an EIP card this time.

If you do get an EIP card both times, you will receive a new EIP Card. The card will not be “reloaded.”

Can I use my EIP Card to make purchases at stores and online?
Yes, you can use the card at any store that accepts Visa debit cards. Depending on the store, you can either sign or enter your 4-digit PIN.

You can also use your card online if the website accepts Visa debit card payments. If asked, use the correct billing address for your debit card account. To verify or change your billing address, log in to your account at and click “My Profile.”

Are there any fees for using my EIP Card?
Many services are free of charge. For instance, there is no monthly fee, lost or stolen replacement fee, customer service charge, or per purchase cost.

However, a fee is charged for the following:

Check the welcome packet and cardholder agreement for more information.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
If your EIP Card is lost or stolen, log in to your account at immediately and “lock” your card. Call Customer Service at 800-240-8100 and report loss or theft. A new card will be sent free of charge.

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