What did we learn about investing in 2021?

2020 was the year of the unprecedented, but 2021 certainly had its fair share of newsworthy events. As we entered this year, there were still many uncertainties, and it's hard to believe how different our world looks today than it did 12 months ago. In 2021 we witnessed history through the rollout of vaccines, inauguration of a new president, and even billionaires going to space. No one knows what this year will bring, but there are a few key principles that can help improve the investment experience in the long run.

As we look forward to the year ahead, try not to get carried away with reading a crystal ball. Adopting a long-term perspective supported by evidence rather than emotion can provide a better investment experience.

At Copper Leaf Financial, we work with you over the long term. We develop a plan that acts as a roadmap - and evolves over time. A proper plan enables you to invest the same way we do: broad diversification, low costs and appropriate levels of risk. We prize evidence over emotion and we value academic and market research over fluctuating opinions. Click here or call us today (802.878.2731) to schedule a free introductory meeting.

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