Important To-do's Before Sending Your Child Off the College: Part One

The day has come. Your little baby has grown up and is now ready to leave the nest. He or she has graduated high school and the next big step is awaiting. Whether it’s college, a gap year, a year abroad or any other life adventure lies ahead, this time can be filled with much emotion for you and your child.

As departure day gets closer, you’re probably focusing on last-minute shopping lists and feeling overwhelmed with trying to get everything done in time. Of course, you have already visited Walmart, Target and IKEA for the dorm room basics, purchased the new computer (yes, that is a 529 College Savings Plan qualified expense), figured out the move-in logistics, and coordinated with the roommate about who will bring what.

Congratulations, you are well on your way. However, you might not be finished just yet. The following are six important tasks you may have overlooked.

1. Make an appointment with your attorney to create a durable power of attorney document for financial matters and a health-care proxy.

Without them, in most states, you, as a parent, don’t have authority to make health-care decisions or manage money for your children once they turn 18. That’s true even if you are paying the tuition, have your child on your health insurance plans, or claim your child as a dependent on your tax returns. Without such documents in place, if your child is in an accident and/or becomes disabled, even if only temporarily, you might need court approval to act on your child’s behalf.

2. Establish a monthly budget for your child.

The precise amount agreed upon in said budget is a personal discussion. However, it is especially important to set clear expectations about who will pay for what expense. Maybe you agree to pay for all school-related expenses and it’s your child’s responsibility to pay for all or some of the social expenses. Don’t spring this conversation on your child as you arrive on campus. Discuss it early enough to allow your student time to find a good summer job to earn and save money for the upcoming year.


Stay tuned for our next post with more tips!

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Information provided by the BAM Alliance. By CPA Ken Rosenbaum, CPA