How We Serve You

Proceed with confidence

Copper Leaf Financial seeks to alleviate the overwhelming sense of stress and inertia that can result when having to make critical investment decisions that affect one’s life and family. Choices and options are so vast that often, it’s just easier to postpone making any decision at all. Without a roadmap, one is never sure where they are going – and financially speaking – that’s never a good plan.

If you are seeking sound financial strategies, we offer forward thinking guidance and a solid plan for the long-term. Our strategic, unbiased and comprehensive approach to financial planning and investment advisory services provides a roadmap for you. By providing consistent, timely and unbiased advice, Copper Leaf Financial empowers clients to make educated decisions because they have a financial plan in place.

How We Deliver

Over the years, we have found that many of our clients face the common challenge of managing their assets to meet multiple and often competing financial objectives such as saving for retirement, funding college education, debt reduction and financially supporting family members. This can be daunting and the decision-making process regarding investment decisions can be intimidating.

Before working with us, many of our clients engaged a broker to select investments and financial vehicles - often without a disciplined process or the ability to align the investments to each specific goal or need. 

Our goal is to work with you to create a customized financial plan and investment strategies to efficiently and effectively meet your life objectives over the long-term as well as address your risk tolerance. We want to ensure that your financial plan is based on your unique life situation and goals and evolves with any and all important life changes. Plans are always accessible to you through a personal, online portal 24-7 which is updated daily so you can track account values and progress toward your goals on a regular basis.