Financial Planning

Proceed with confidence

Having a clear picture of your current financial situation as well as clearly defined goals for the future is an integral part of the financial planning process. We assist our clients in the greater Burlington and Rutland areas with the development of personal, evolving financial plans for the long-term. This includes:

Retirement planning 

How is your retirement looking? What do you still need to do to help ensure that it is the retirement you envision? We tailor our plans to ensure the right investments and products reflect how you want to enjoy your retirement. 

Succession planning

Succession planning is having the right people in the right place at the right time to ensure the continued success of all areas of the business, including key people over time. We work with business owners in a dynamic process that includes not only the continued effectiveness of the business’ operations but also the building of talent to meet the future needs of the business – all with the goal of achieving success.

Investment planning and asset allocation

What kind of guidance will best suit you? We emphasize planning for a lifetime, a well-diversified portfolio and responsible asset allocation. 

Education planning

How are you planning for this fiscal responsibility? What lies down the road for you and your children or grandchildren when it comes to addressing this most important area of financial planning? We know how to structure investments in this area so that you can work towards your goals and the students in your family can work towards their degrees. 

Ever-increasing college education costs generally require parents to lay the groundwork for their savings plans for their children. If needed, your plan will include comprehensive investment portfolios that incorporate education and/or college savings.

Copper Leaf Financial planning can help with such important investments. This includes how much you want to save, how much you can afford to save and the best way to save. Every family is unique in their ability and intention for college education savings. Although saving for a child’s education is extremely important, it should never override an emergency preparedness fund or retirement savings. With a proper financial plan, anxiety over college planning can be alleviated. You share your goals for your children’s education and we determine how to best reach those goals.

Estate planning

Copper Leaf Financial consults with many clients seeking assistance with estate planning. Part of the process of proper estate planning is ensuring you have answers to the following questions:

    • Do you have a will?
    • Do you have healthcare documents in place?
    • Do you have financial documents in place?
    • Have you considered digital assets as part of your estate plan?
    • Have you filed beneficiary forms?
    • Do you have the right amount and type of life insurance?
    • Have you taken steps to manage your federal estate tax?
    • Have you taken steps to protect your business?
    • Have you created a letter of instruction?
    • Will your heirs be able to locate your critical documents?

Responsible estate planning can save you and your family time, money and heartache. Let’s get started today.

Social Security Analysis

For many people, Social Security is the only income stream that is adjusted for inflation every year, continues to pay throughout your lifetime, and is backed by the federal government. Consequently, recipients should understand their options and try to make the best decisions to maximize those benefits. With all the complexities involved in electing Social Security benefits, it helps to work with Copper Leaf Financial. We understand the program and can assist you in starting to prepare for this decision by providing an analysis of your situation and your Social Security options.

Sustainable Planning

When you align your values with your investments and your overall financial plan, the potential to make a difference is enormous — for yourself, your family, your community, even the world at large.

We don't talk about sustainable investing because it's the latest hot topic. We're not following a popular trend. Every investment you make, every dollar you spend, and every decision you make has impact. We aim to help you maximize positive impact and alignment with your personal values while striving to achieve your most important personal and financial goals.

Philanthropic Giving

Having a personal giving plan that maximizes your charitable potential is a powerful way to assure that your dollars are truly having the impact that is most meaningful for you –today as well as beyond your lifetime.

We help clients maximize their charitable giving efforts and create a legacy plan for the future – a plan that includes intentional giving and overall alignment between your values, your savings, investments, your charitable giving & philanthropy, and your community and lifestyle.