A fiduciary is bound to the highest legal and ethical duty and requires acting in another’s best interests.

We’re always fiduciaries. That’s our business. Unlike commissioned, or fee-based financial advisors, we do not receive bonuses, commissions or prizes for product sales – products that might generate more fees for non-fiduciary advisors but may not be in your best interest. Perhaps it’s time to ask your advisor if he/she is a fiduciary.

To find out more about working with a fiduciary please call us at 802.878.2731 or click here to schedule a meeting today.

The Copper Leaf team accepting the VBM Best of Business award for "Best Financial Planning/Investment Firm" from left to right: John Davis, Rebecca Fetterman, Michael Thompson, Bret Hodgdon. Copper Leaf is the recipient of the award for 2017, 2018, 2019. For more information please click here.