Fee Structure

Fee Structure


We begin with discovery. This is an introduction that can easily be done virtually. Getting to know you is an important first step in designing a roadmap to your financial and personal goals.



We identify the best strategies to meet your goals. We collect your financial information, financial and legal documentation and assess the current overall state of your financial health. Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach. Your plan should be customized to fit your goals, your values.


We develop and implement a personalized plan to meet your goals. This is a coordinated approach to saving, investing, risk-management, and tax optimization in an effort to set the foundation for a smooth transition into retirement. The plan includes strategies for the accumulation of wealth, the transition into retirement, and the ultimate distribution of your wealth for retirement as well as your legacy intentions. For more about our evidence-based investing strategy please click here.


We perform regular progress meetings (RPM). We will meet periodically to reassess your plan and make adjustments as needed. A sound financial plan will grow and change with you to address life events and ensure that you remain on track to meet your goals.

Fee Structure

All wealth management clients pay an on-boarding fee for the initial financial planning work required to complete the basic financial plan. All clients are required to execute an Investment Advisory Agreement. The on-boarding financial planning fee is determined at the time of engagement and is generally between $2,500 -$10,000, depending on the complexity of the client situation. On-going wealth management services are provided on a fee-only basis and are based on a percentage of assets that Copper Leaf Financial manages according to the schedule below:

There is a minimum fee of $1,250 per quarter. Copper Leaf may aggregate the value of related family members’ account balances for billing purposes. All accounts for members of the client’s family (husband, wife and dependent children) or related businesses may be assessed fees based on the total household balance of all accounts.In lieu of a fee based on a percentage of assets under management, Copper Leaf may charge a flat retainer fee.This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on a formula which fairly reflects an equivalent to our asset-based arrangement.