Cultivating Gratitude In Your Life

This is the time of year marked by giving thanks for what is most meaningful to us. Expressing gratitude not only can make someone feel good in the season but researchers say it can have longer-term positive effects such as improving relationships, your overall happiness and your well-being. 

In this article, Harvard Medical School cites different ways you can cultivate gratitude in your life -- keeping a gratitude journal, meditating and writing thank-you notes, to name a few.

This Thanksgiving, we want to say thank you to you. We appreciate how our professional lives are deeply enriched by the work we do with you -- listening to you, getting to know you, navigating life's path together and helping you move closer to your highest aspirations.

We are grateful for the relationship we've built with you. We are appreciative of your loyalty, emboldened by your confidence and humbled by your trust.

May your days ahead be festive, and be filled with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Copper Leaf Financial!

Left to right: John Davis, Rebecca Fetterman, Michael Thompson, Bret Hodgdon