Financial Therapy and a Well-Lived Life – Episode 143

This podcast episode is the fourth in the “A Well-Lived Life” series. As this series unfolds, you learn how culture, race, generation, and gender influence our guest’s definitions. And often the accumulation of wealth is secondary to the pursuit of one’s life purpose. 

The guest is Nate Astle, founder of Relational Money. Nate and first met when she presented a webinar on negotiations for the Financial Therapy Association and Nate was my host. For this interview, they switched roles and she got to ask him about his life purpose and passion for empowering individuals and couples to live more peacefully in relation to their finances. Read more about Nate here

Here are 5 things you will learn by listening to this episode:

  • The role your emotions play in your finances
  • The importance of being compassionate to yourself about your money behaviors
  • Why the financial advising profession is really a helping profession
  • How a financial therapist can help you feel better around money
  • A simple mindful exercise to increase your money awareness

Resource: KBK Wealth Connection – Financial Therapy and a Well-Lived Life, Episode 143

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