3 Legal Documents You May Need if You Become Sick or Injured

 Here are the three legal documents you may need if you become sick or injured: 

1. Health care proxy.

A health care proxy, also known as a durable power of attorney for health care, is the document you use to name someone you trust to make health care decisions for you if you lose the ability to make them yourself. 

2. Living will.

A living will is used to provide written guidance about the medical treatments you may want or not want to receive in an end-of-life or permanently unconscious situation.

3. Durable power of attorney for finances.

This document gives the person you choose the legal authority to manage all or part of your financial affairs, such as paying your bills or handling your banking, if you become incapacitated and are unable to manage them yourself.

Please consult with us and your legal professionals to determine the best decision for you.

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